can of frozen orange juice, thawed to a slush
few drops vanilla
light pancake mix
3 Tbsp. margarine
2 eggs
1+ c. milk
dash of cream of tartar (optional)
strawberries (fresh or frozen), thawed but not mushy
Crisco shortening


Soften 3 tablespoons margarine and melt. Beat 2 eggs. Add milk to pancake mix to thicken. Mix with eggs. Add cinnamon and cream of tartar to taste. Add melted margarine; don't overmix. Small lumps make a lighter pancake.

Heat Crisco and skillet evenly hot. Add enough batter for 1 pancake. Edges will turn crisp and batter will become bubbly. Turn only once. Cooked pancakes should be thin, light and fluffy. Move to aluminum pan in low/warm oven.

Stack 3 or 4. Put strawberries and the orange juice mixed with vanilla on each layer. Add a glob of Cool Whip on the top and enjoy.